Goal Setting for the School Year

This is a part of a series of posts this summer, where we are highlighting ways you can work on your business or idea this summer. Plus, these are all things you can do from ANYWHERE, so whether you are home for the break, in Nashville, or traveling the world, you can be making progress on your business without being at school.

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As both a student and an entrepreneur, life can be hectic. Setting goals can help manage your priorities and time this upcoming school year. Remember you can do anything but not everything, so it is important that you prioritize what you want to accomplish. 

As you think about the upcoming school year, take some time to set some goals for yourself to keep you on track once school starts. 

School Goals

When you have a business it can be easy to let your schoolwork take the backseat. Set goals for yourself of the quality and level of work you want to produce this year. Examples of school goals could be a certain amount of time dedicated per week to a class, or you could commit to creating a study group, or making flashcards as you learn about concepts and not just the night before a big test. School goals can look like many different things, try to go beyond just setting letter grade goals. 

Business Goals

Depending on where you are on developing your business, your goals may take on many forms. A goal of creating a clear and cohesive 30 second elevator pitch for your business is a great goal for someone in the beginning stages. Finding a mentor or conducting customer discovery can help if you are a bit farther along. For businesses that are more developed, getting your business registered, bringing on an employee, or applying for a grant or competition could be a beneficial goal. Do not get discouraged if you are not able to accomplish all your goals. Keep setting goals and make sure your team is aware of what those goals are. 

Personal Goals

Decide the things that you don’t want to sacrifice for your business. It could be going to church every week, taking one night a week to go out to dinner with friends, or making time for self care in whatever format that works for you. Personal goals can also include things that may not sound as fun but you know will make you feel good in the long run, like sticking to a budget, deep cleaning your room once a week, or getting exercise. 

Setting SMART Goals

Make sure your goals are S.M.A.R.T. goals.

Specific - well-defined goals with clear objectives

Measurable - a specific quantity or result that indicates the goal was completed

Actionable - achievable goals that are within your ability to accomplish

Relevant - realistic goals that are going to help you progress your business now

Timely - include a time bound deadline

Balance is challenging for all entrepreneurs, but setting goals can help you to prioritize other areas of your life. In business, goals are what will push you forward to the next big thing for your company, celebrate the wins that you achieve!

Now, write some goals of your own, post them somewhere you will see frequently, tell a friend or mentor, and get ready to conquer the school year!

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