Entrepreneurship Advice from Johnny Cupcakes

This post was originally published on April 24th, 2018

Johnny Cupcakes is an entrepreneur famous for having "16 different businesses before he was 16."

Johnny has created an amazing T-shirt business disguised as cupcake store, and it is now worth millions. Through unique branding, word-of-mouth marketing, and just an all around crazy and creative idea, Johnny Earle has been able to make more than a living doing something he passionately loves. 

At the Collegiate DECA International Career development office, Johnny gave us his insight on what it takes to be an Entrepreneur. 

Here are his tips:


"We’ve been in business for 15 years and I’ve spent little to no money on traditional advertising." Instead of traditional advertising that many businesses can spend thousands on, Johnny spends his advertising budget on creating an experience for his customers. He does this in many ways, starting with his store.

Instead of a regular t-shirt shop, the Johnny Cupcakes stores are designed to look like a bakery. He even has ovens, refrigerators, and mixers in his stores to give it a bakery feel! Not only this, Johnny even hides vanilla-scented car fresheners in the air vents of his business so it smells like cupcakes! He knows that when customers come into his store, that they are going to have an experience and talk about it to their friends and family. 

By being extremely creative and "out there," the popularity Johnny Cupcakes T-Shirt Bakery has spread like wildfire almost solely through word-of-mouth advertising.


Know your customers, and make sure they know that you are grateful for them. 

Johnny likes to write personal thank you notes in many of the online orders he gets. He says that because of this, he will have lifelong customers. Hardly anyone gets handwritten notes anymore, and this is an easy way to let your customers know that you appreciate their business. 

Not only this, but he gets to know his fans and customers through social media! He makes sure that they feel like the experience associated with purchasing a Johnny Cupcakes shirt is a good one.


People will be able to connect more with a story instead of just feeling like they are buying a product. Johnny always shares his stories, from his beginnings and financial struggles as a child to how his personality got him in trouble in school to how he came up with the idea for his t-shirt bakery. Johnny loves sharing how he started and where he's going, and people connect with him and continue to support and follow his brand. 


Johnny Cupcakes is always extremely excited about his brand and keeps others excited about it as well. He is constantly thinking of new designs or things to keep not only himself but also his customers engaged. If you are passionate and put your all into something, people will take notice and support you. Johnny is living, breathing proof that this is true. 

Belmont ETP