Business Plan Competition Contestants

This post was originally published on March 12th, 2018


As you may know, one of the Center for Entrepreneurship's biggest events is coming up. Get excited for our 2018 Business Plan Competition, in which students present in a Shark Tank style competition for thousands of dollars in cash prizes. 

Lets take a look at who is competing:


"College in Color is an online, life-saving lifestyle brand dedicated to creating products and media centered around generating thought and conversations on mental health, stress management, and overall student success. Our vision is to become the defined mental health focused social enterprise for a new generation beginning with the collegiate market, but eventually moving into churches, high schools, and healthcare industries."

College in Color is bringing out the importance of mental health through the healing qualities of coloring and creativity. It encourages one to think about how they feel and know that they are not alone in the struggles they may be dealing with in college. Included in the books are access to many mental health hotlines to assist those who need it, as well as many coloring pages designed by college students to give a much-needed break from student stress.



"Style12 is an app that matches users with freelance hairstylists in their area, allowing people to quickly find twelve-dollar haircuts. After the haircut is performed, users rate each stylist's profile for quality assurance. On top of that, users of the app have no wait times. They simply drive to the stylists’ locations immediately after booking them. The app will also offer a more luxurious service: a “home delivery system.” The hairstylists come to the customers’
locations and cut their hair for a higher cost."

Style12 connects people with the best hairdressers in the area. With this app, there is no need to waste time waiting in line for a hairdresser. Also, Style12 has a rating system for their hairdressers, so you will be able to know that your stylist is going to do a great job instead of randomly being assigned a hairdresser like you would in a regular barber shop. This is basically the Uber of haircuts and is 100% amazing. 



"Squillustrate is an illustration and branding firm specializing in visual storytelling. It provides clients with an efficient, creative, and personalized experience for making their ideas come to life through design. With a focus on contract design and building out the identities of companies and individuals, the company prioritizes effective communication in both the production and distribution of the end products. Squillustrate started building its brand and
meeting the needs of (now, over 50) clients and projects in the fall of 2016. In five years, the goal is to have earned a reputation as a Nashville-based firm with distinctive flair and most importantly, happy customers. The owner, Suzanna Stapler, founded this business to answer
needs and pursue a creative calling. She plans to use it to benefit others through the satisfaction
of client goals, the realization of personal vocation, and eventually, the support of employees."

Suzanna will bring any of your artistic needs to life! Whether it be story-tellering, dream interpreting, vision building, or pun-making.. depending on what you need. In a very visual world Suzanna's business is a must for any business who wants to capture the attention of their target audience! 



"Our company Alate strives to empower women to feel more safe, confident and give them more freedom to enjoy and explore public space through discrete, fashionable, and easily accessible self defence products. Our product, the PepperPuff, combines pom pom keychains, which are currently a considerably in demand fashion accessory , and pepper spray, one of the most common self defense products among consumers, in order to create a convergence between the self-defense and fashion indutry. "

The PepperPuff is a unique and discrete way for women to protect themselves. With quick and easy access to pepper spray on a key chain, rather than having to dig around in a purse to find pepper spray (which may take away much needed time). "PepperPuff product aims to provide simple, reliable, and affordable form of pepper spray self-protection that does not detract from an outfit, but rather adds to it." 




"PlaceMat, LLC is a local private chef service that provides unforgettable dining experiences in the comfort of your own home or AirBnb. PlaceMat comes to your home to create an authentic brunch or dinner in the place most comfortable for you and your gatherings.
PlaceMat only sources organic and local ingredients which not only helps ensure quality but also
helps form strategic relationships throughout the community."

"At PlaceMat, health starts with food. The PlaceMat vision is that communities, both macro and micro, become stronger and healthier through eating locally-sourced ingredients prepared with care by individuals who understand flavor and nutrition. Together, we can prevent many of the chronic illnesses and diseases that impact our world today through better and more intentional relationships with food. However, none of this matters if eating healthy is not easy
and convenient. At PlaceMat, we make eating healthy easy."



Felicity and Bliss is an amazing little minimalist jewelry store on Etsy. Their products are cute, customizable, and really perfect for any occasion. With almost 10,000 sales on Etsy since their opening in April 2016, Felicity and Bliss continues to grow. 

"Felicity And Bliss is where you can find minimalist jewelry for all occasions. We are a family business consisting of my mother and I based in Nashville, TN... well more like everywhere. Not only do we sell in Nashville, but we also sell in New York, Florida, California,
and even Alaska! We sell in every state. We are actually an online company that tailors our products to fit our customer’s needs and wants with precision. We have been in full operation since April of 2016 and have absolutely blown all of our expectations out of the water. We do everything that we can in order to handcraft the perfect gift for any of our customer’s needs. If you order from Felicity And Bliss, we promise that it will be nothing short of a 5 star experience and you will not be able to wait until you get the opportunity to give our jewelry as a gift again."



"Through farming practices, art exploration, and community engagement we use our short-term housing service to provide a substance free environment that focuses on working towards personal health goals and diversifying skill set."

"We accept residents that need a place to take time to work on
themselves for varying reasons; difficulties with addictions, relocation/release from incarceration, stress management, and even self-discovery. We have an initial conference with everyone we vet, this allows us to walk through their personal health goals and to give us an idea of how we can help make their time with us successful. If substance abuse is a factor, we offer drug testing and accountability checks. Every individual has a unique set of circumstances and a unique set of goals, we aim to help guide our residents through their unique set of circumstances. All this is done alongside garden responsibilities/training and an ongoing encouraged art project of their choice. In addition, a contracted specialist will help us plan our individualized approach to helping each resident. This will be a full time position we will be working to fill.



"Octo Music Group LLC is an Event Production company based out of Nashville, TN. Founded by David Schultz and Tally Bevis, OCTO is a self-contained entity that creates, facilitates, and manages every aspect of throwing their underground dance parties and private events for high brow clients. OCTO is setting the new standard for local DIY shows by putting on some of the most extensive local productions that Nashville has ever seen! Wherever the shows take place, OCTO brings the experience to a whole new level. Keeping the shows up to date with new stages, popular entertainment, the best up and coming DJs and Producers, and exciting attractions, OCTO continues to impress its clientele by going above and beyond & holding each and every event to the utmost professional standards."

Octo has already held many successful music events in Nashville, and plans to keep it up! 



"With the Band is a mobile app designed to bring a whole new level experience to dedicated fans. With the Band was created by Sarah Beth Perry in March of 2017. In order to further enhance the fan experience, With the Band will be creating a community for dedicated fans by using an app. Fans will be able to keep up to date with their favorite artists as well as connect with other fellow fans and discover new artists. With the Band will also provide a
platform for the artist which enables them to become closer with their fans. With the Band will be introducing the new modern version of a fan club. Each artist’s team will also receive analytic
data about the fans who follow the artist’s page, to further target their market. With the Band wants to create a positive atmosphere in the office, in the venues, and online by bonding people
together through music. With the Band is creating in inclusive culture where there are no boundaries. No boundaries between an artist and their fans, and no boundaries on how much content can be in one place. We are eliminating boundaries, so now you can go behind-the-scenes, With the Band."

Who doesn't want to connect with their favorite bands on a more personal level? With the Band gives you this opportunity with a subscription-based business plan. This business launches in September, after the heavy concert season (May to October). Be on the look out to keep up to date With The Band! (also, With the Band won last year's Business Plan Competition! 


Come out to the competition to see all of these students present their businesses in front of a panel of judges. There will be an opportunity to speak with the competitors after the event. Come support your favorite and to learn what our amazing student entrepreneurs are up to! 

The competition will be held on March 14, 2018 from 4:00PM - 6:00PM in the 4th Floor Massey Boardroom. 

For any questions or concerns, please email us at! 

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