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The Good Market: Convocation


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The Good Market: Convocation

The founders of Nisolo, Salemtown Boards Co., Henri Rose, and HOPE International will be here to discuss how the work they are doing is affecting communities around the world!

What is the Good Market?
We are a group of artists, makers, starters, and entrepreneurs who believe that the things we make define us. If we want to make the world a better place, then we need to create products and businesses that benefit the common good. Nothing will change unless we change it. And we can’t do it alone.

The Good Market is about more than the brands and artists we’re highlighting—it’s about students coming together and celebrating the idea of creating something good. To help foster a sense of community, we’ll invite local artists and entrepreneurs to participate in the Good Market. Our hope is that students will make connections with like-minded men and women they can learn from.

At the convocation, you'll hear from the panel and gain some insight on the ups and downs of running a social enterprise. You'll get to hear first-hand from the founder before stopping by the afternoon market to see their products.