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Massey Meetup: Gracie and Whitney


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Massey Meetup: Gracie and Whitney

Gracie Moakler, founder of Miriam Designs

Miriam Designs is a fashion brand in Nashville, TN that creates quality women's clothing + accessories. Our goal is to provide goods you will love while also making a difference in our city. We work with women who have overcome addiction and need a job, as well as a loving environment, to help continue on their journey. We believe in the power of dreams and that passions are purposeful. Miriam is a family that loves without judgment and desires to lift others up and help them celebrate the beautiful adventure that is life.

Whitney Haldeman, Travel Blogger- Blonde Atlas

There's no deep philosophical meaning behind Blond Atlas-I'm a blonde and I'm inspired by travel, simple enough, right? So what can you expect to find here? Well right now my only content requirement is: does this have potential to inspire? If so, let's talk.

In a nutshell I want Blonde Atlas to challenge you to set goals and try things you don't think you can do (like start a blog when you're a little scared...for example). I want to stir up a desire in you to travel and explore beyond your familiarity. I want to point you to tools that will enrich your career. I want to help nudge you out of your comfort zone.