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Nashville Instagram Spots!

Belmont ETP

This will wrap up our series on Instagram For Business, so we decided to make this last article a little fun. 

Nashville is full of art, life, music, beauty, and so much more! This whole city is full of potential for great Instagram-worthy photos. One of my personal favorite things to take pictures of are the murals. There are so many of them, so for this article we went mural hunting for you so you can see the best places in Nashville to take Instagram pictures! 

First and foremost, our own university is thriving will content for an amazing picture. Whether it be on top of the T-parking garage for an great view of the city, on the perfectly mowed lawn, or in front of the Belmont Mansion, there just isn't a place to take a bad picture here on campus!  

1. Fall In Love With Nashville


Our personal favorite is outside of House Of, one of our student-run business. "Fall in love with Nashville," which is exactly what happens if you come to our city. 

*BONUS* This picture features Ciel, one of our House Of Managers! Stop in and say hey to her and the other House Of girls! She can also make you laugh if you need a good candid pic. 

Also, if you need an amazing outfit for your Nashville Insta-adventure, you can find that at House Of as well! 

We headed over to 12s for our next few pictures. 12s is right next to Belmont and there is a mural just about everywhere you look! It is the perfect place for mural hunting as well as discovering great places to eat and shop.

2. Draper James Mural

Draper James has a beautiful blue and white painted wall on the outside, and it is conveniently in the same place that the "I Believe In Nashville" mural is! 

3.Antique Bike Mural

A little farther down on 12s is a cute little antique bike shop with an even cuter little mural painted on the side! 


4. I Believe In Nashville Mural

Another great one, but it's often packed with tourists. 


5. Make Music Not War

Another great mural on 12s is on the side of Epice! Also, it's right next to the flower wall! 


6. The Flower Wall

Great for spring photo opts. Bonus if you get a coffee at Frothy Monkey for a great prop in your pic. 

7. Corner Music Nashville Mural

A great mural to add some more color to your feed and life.

IMG_9205 2.jpg

After mural hunting on 12s, we headed over to the Gultch for some more great instagram opportunities.

8. The City Skyline with a Guitar Mural

Located by the open parking lot on Division Street right across from Otaku Ramen. 

9. Barista Parlor

And while your at it, grab another cup of coffee. 

IMG_9215 2.jpg

10. What Lifts You Wings

Last but certainly not least are the What Lifts You Wings! A great way to end mural hunting. The murals don't stop there, though! There are plenty more to be found all around our amazing city. 

Screenshot 2018-03-01 11.09.45.png

This concludes our Entreprenerd Blog Series, "Instagram For Business." Thanks so much for reading. There are new articles every Monday. Keep an eye out for our next Blog series! 

In the meantime, be sure to follow us on Instagram, and also on Twitter, and like us on Facebook!