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Making The Most Of Instagram for Businesses

Belmont ETP

1. Post Frequently and Consistently

Fresh content is always great for your customer/fan base. It keeps them engaged with you and your product/service and involved with your business. If you cannot post every day, you should at least post consistently so your audience knows when to expect it. Do research on what times are best for your platform and audience and then stick to those times. You can learn more about the best times to post at  


2. Create A Theme and Stick to it

Followers and potential followers like to see aesthetically pleasing and consistent feeds. Images will flow nicely and be more visually appealing if you stick to a theme. This can be achieved by using similar lighting and the same filter on each one of your posts. The photo editing website, VSCO, has amazing filters to help you create great content. 

3. Post Quality Pictures

It's important to post quality photos. Avoid posting blurry or dark content because this will turn followers away from your account. Good pictures attract likes and followers! 

4. Interact With Your Followers

"By responding to comments and mentions, you inspire even more people to chime in and interact." Social media has to be social. Following and commenting on posts attracts new followers and gets your brand name out there.


5. Hashtags


On Instagram you can use up to 30 hashtags in a comment. Use the full 30 but always in a comment below your post (never in the actual caption). This helps keep your posts from looking messy or disorganized. It's also important to include both broad and specific hashtags. An example of a broad hashtag is something like "#instagood." This is a huge hashtag used by millions of users. This hashtag will get you in front of a large audience on Instagram's explore page but only for a very short amount of time. An example of specific or narrow hashtag is "#belmontentreprenerd." This will get you in front of a smaller, more focused audience for a longer amount of time. 

6. Partner with Other Businesses/Influencers

Odds are there are several similar accounts as yours on Instagram. Partnering with other businesses or influencers within your industry can help grow your audience and increase brand awareness. You can do this by tagging businesses, commenting on their posts or featuring their products or services. If you both do this for each other, it's a win-win.

7. Join Instagram "Pods" 

Pods are essentially Instagram alliances. You can find pod groups to join on Facebook. Once you have joined a pod, share your account username and basic information. You will then be added to a direct message group on Instagram, in which each member can post when he/she posts new content on his/her account. Each member of the pod is then obligated to go like and comment on that post. This is a great way to get more action on your posts and connect with people in your industry.

8. Know the Difference Between Curating Content and Creating content. 

There is a big difference between curating and creating content. If you are curating content, you are pulling content from other sources. If you are creating content, you are writing and building it yourself. Obviously, curating content is much easier than creating content. If you curate content you should post several times a day. If you create content, then you should post at least once a day. 

9. Instagram stories are great for businesses

A little bit more casual than your other content. If you have over 10,000, you can put a link to sell your merch! Links can equal sales. Stories are an increasingly affective way to connect with followers. It gives you a chance to be more "real" instead of the planned pictures you will regularly be posting. 


10. Your Bio Is Important

Make sure your bio clearly states who you are and what you do. This way when people click on your account for the first time, they will already know a little bit about what you do and have an idea of what they are going to see once they follow you.  



11. Plan Your Posts


Plan your posts ahead so you don't have to worry about what you are going to post that day or that week! Schedule content easily by using apps like Hootsuite! 


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