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8 Instagrams You Should Follow If You're an Entrepreneur

Belmont ETP


Like many of us, I am a huge fan of Instagram. I love seeing what my friends and family are up to, and I also enjoy looking at cute pictures of dogs. Aside from these things, I follow lots of motivational accounts that give me advice and inspiration to achieve my dreams! I wanted to share these with you because if they give me motivation, I hope they can give you motivation too!

1. @foundr



is a great account to follow because they post many inspirational business quotes, as well as a few entrepreneurs themselves

follow @foundr here 





An entrepreneur named John Ferrara runs this account! He also posts inspirational quotes for the entrepreneur.

follow @successmessenger here 


IMG_1434 2.jpg


Instead of motivational business quotes, these quotes are aimed to give you some positivity! We all need some positivity in our lives! 

Follow @thegoodquote here 




@garyvee is an entrepreneur himself! He gives actual tips in the form of videos, and also gives great advice! 

Follow @garyvee here 




This account is another positive/ motivational one! Give your mind a chance to breathe and know you can follow your dreams with this account! 

Follow @Positivism_law here  





From Elevator Pitches to Networking, this Instagram account is a go-to for all the tips you need! Here from Entrepreneurs themselves, or even order their book! This account would definitely be a good follow. 

follow @entrepreneur here




Follow this account for some faith-filled posts and for motivation! 

follow @mental_dominance here




This account keeps you updated on the entrepreneurship events around Belmont, and also gives you motivation to get your business going! 


follow @belmont.etp here