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How to Take & Edit Your Insta Photos

Belmont ETP

In my previous article, Making the Most of Instagram For Business, I said that posting quality pictures is a must. Now it's time to talk about how you can achieve those quality photos every time.

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1. Shoot in Square Mode

If you are using your phone's camera to take your Instagram picture, try using the square mode. This way you will know how the picture will look in your feed. This also makes it easier when scheduling posts. 

2. Follow the Rule Of Thirds

What is the Rule Of Thirds? "The Rule of Thirds involves mentally dividing up your image using two horizontal lines and two vertical lines, as shown below. You then position the important elements in your scene along those lines, or at the points where they meet." (Photography Mad) 

 Photo from

Photo from

Your phone provides this mode as well. You can turn it on and off using your phone settings. The point of the Rule of Thirds is to make pictures more visually appealing and interesting by varying the placement of your subjects.

3. Keep it fresh

To avoid running out of ideas check out Pinterest for some quick photo inspiration. If you search "Instagram photography ideas" tons of ideas will come up that you can keep in mind while creating new content.


4. use the right Lighting

Using natural lighting can be really great for taking Instagram pictures. The best time of day to take pictures is "golden hour." Shooting pics in golden hour will effortlessly make your photos look AMAZING. Golden hour occurs right before sunset, usually around 5pm or 6pm in the winter and 7-8pm in the summer. Good sunlight is a great way to take professional looking pictures. 

5. Use Editing apps

There are a ton of amazing FREE apps you can use to make your photos look great. In my previous article on Instragram themes I talked about VSCO. VSCO is, in my opinion, the easiest way to edit photos.

A Color Story is an amazing editing app too. "A Color Story focuses on fresh photos and video, bright whites, and colors that pop." 

PicMonkey has lots of tools for editing. It easily corrects photos' colors and exposure levels. It also includes a wide variety of filters and facial editing tools. I would recommend only using the desktop version of this program though, since the mobile app does not work as well.


6. Background

Solid backgrounds give your photos a simplistic and modern look. If you're doing a flat-lay, try using a rug or a hardwood floor. "If I'm photographing my products, I almost always use a poster board. Go to your local Hobby Lobby... Here see those fun color blocking photos where the background is half white and half blue of half green and half pink? They used poster board." (lot801marketing) 

7. Take Candid Pics

Try to capture candid moments to give your Instagram a fun and genuine vibe. Especially when you take pictures of yourself or of other people, try to do something besides looking straight at the camera and smiling.

8. Clean Your Lens

This may sound simple, but you'd be surprised how many people forget to do this. Always make sure your lens is clean so your pictures turn out as clear possible. 

I hope you can use these tips to make your photos on Instagram beautiful, but always remember to stay true to yourself. "There's a big difference between manufacturing a fake identity and making the everyday beautiful." (fallfordiy)