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Belmont’s Entrepreneurship blog with resources for entrepreneurs, recaps of Center Events, and other useful information for our Entreprenerd Community.

DECA Recap

Belmont ETP

Over the past few days (4/10/18 - 4/15/18), Belmont's DECA Chapter has been competing in many entrepreneurial events in Washington, DC in the Collegiate DECA International Career Development Conference!  


Let's take a recap of the competition! 

We all got to the airport at 6:30 PM on Tuesday, April 10th, only to find out our flight was delayed until 10 PM! We spent lots of time doing homework in the airport cafeteria as well as eating pizza and drinking Starbucks. 

We arrived in DC at around midnight and piled up in our busses to go to the Crystal Marriott Hotel.

Everyone got checked in and settled into the rooms around 1:00 AM to get some sleep before the conference began the next day!

In the morning, we had a bit of free time to enjoy the city. We explored DC and some of the museums! The cherry blossoms we also blooming, and it was beautiful! 

Cherry Blossoms!

Cherry Blossoms!

After exploring, we all went to get ready for the opening ceremony. The president of DECA spoke and kicked things off. After the introduction, Johnny Earle, creator of Johnny Cupcakes, gave us his insight. He spoke about the importance of branding, word-of-mouth marketing, and following your passions having fun with what you do. 


Thursday, April 12, was spent going to lots and lots of orientations. We had orientations for either our Individual Case Studies, Team Case Studies, and the Entrepreneurship Challenge. We also spend some time networking with businesses such as Walgreens, Men's Wearhouse, and Marriott. 


Friday, April 13th was the day of our competitions! All Belmont DECA students participated in 2 events. Our individual or team events were in the morning, and the entrepreneurship challenge was in the afternoon. Not only this, but there were many seminars on things such as franchising and bootstrapping! 

The Entrepreneur challenge was super fun and fast-paced! All the Belmont teams had amazing business ideas, and even two teams were finalists in the challenge. 


Saturday, April 14th was when the finalists from all the challenges competed for the win, and Saturday night was the awards ceremony. 

Belmont took many many awards, including the cluster award in #1 in Entrepreneurship as a whole! 

Katie Coens and Renee Ramirez: First Place in Entrepreneurship (Starting a Business)

Katie Coens and Renee Ramirez: First Place in Entrepreneurship (Starting a Business)

Mollie Montgomery and Becca Wagner: Second Place in Sports and Entertainment Marketing 

Mollie Montgomery and Becca Wagner: Second Place in Sports and Entertainment Marketing 

Eric Rall and Julia Keefe: First Place in Business Ethics 

Eric Rall and Julia Keefe: First Place in Business Ethics 

Ally Misch: First Place in Accounting 

Ally Misch: First Place in Accounting 

Cynthia Klauber: Finalist in Marketing 

Cynthia Klauber: Finalist in Marketing 

All finalists and winners of entrepreneurship centered challenges 

All finalists and winners of entrepreneurship centered challenges 

All of Belmont DECA who competed

All of Belmont DECA who competed

Congratulations the everyone who competed. You all did such an amazing job. Also, thank you to all the amazing advisors of DECA and the DECA Officers for making it such an amazing and successful trip!

Know The Difference: Business Formal vs Business Casual Dress Codes

Belmont ETP

Many of us are going to go into careers that require a dress code. Whether it be for certain corporate events, networking, or even just the DECA ICDC trip, we will be required to wear business professional or business casual many times in our life.

But how do you even dress business professional or business casual? 

Here are some infographics of what to wear for either business casual or business professional.


Image from Fashion In

Image from Fashion In



found from

found from

image from

image from

image from

image from

Sigma Nu Tau Induction

Belmont ETP

Sigma Nu Tau is an academic honors society dedicated to Entrepreneurs. 


Sigma Nu Tau's Mission: 
To promote, recognize, and reward academic excellence in entrepreneurship and to encourage and recognize the practice of principled entrepreneurship

“Principled Entrepreneurship is maximizing long-term profitability for the business by creating real value in society while always acting lawfully and with integrity.”

On March 20th, Belmont University's own Sigma Nu Tau chapter held an induction ceremony. 

In order to be inducted, students must have at least a 3.5 GPA and must exhibit honor, integrity, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

The following Belmont students have been inducted into Sigma Nu Tau: 


Megan Albright 

Meredith Bowden

Maria Cerrato 

Lee Craft 

Meredith Edwards

Andrew Gardner 

Kyle Heisey 

Hannah Kersey 

Tanner Landolt  

Rachel Marcum 

Hope Mather 

Rebecca Meigs 

Allie Morris 

Sarah Perry 

Grace Pritchard 

Lauren Ringo

Jordan Sanders 

Austin Sellinger 

Johnathan Stubblefield 

Micki Werner 

Kameron Ziesig 

Congratulate these students for their persistence and excellence within the major of entrepreneurship! 

If you have an interest Sigma Nu Tau you can visit our website at or email Dr. Mark Schenkel at 





Best Co-working Spaces in Nashville!

Belmont ETP

Co-working spaces are a great way to connect with other like-minded people, share ideas, and most importantly get stuff done! 

Here are some of the best places in and around Belmont and Nashville to work on your business, or even just work on homework. 

1. The Hatchery


Located in the Beaman of Belmont University, this co-working space is perfect for any and all of your entrepreneurial needs. The Hatchery gives students who are in the process of working on a business a quiet and collaborative space to work on refining their ideas and achieving their business goals. The Hatchery has lots of desk space, as well as whiteboards for you to jot your ideas on. On the wall lies the logos of Belmont Graduates who have gone off to create amazing businesses such as The Escape Game, Biscuit Love, and No Baked Cookie Dough (to name a few). 

Get to work on your business in the Hatchery! 

Gain access to the Hatchery by applying here: 

2. Bongo Java

Bongo Java is a great student-friendly place to get some work done (as well as have a snack). Work away on your business plan, have interviews, or just simply finish up your entrepreneurship homework. If it's nice out, you can sit on the deck, drink a seasonal latte, and watch students pass by on the sidewalk. A little fresh air always gives me great ideas! You may even find your newest business partner sitting at a table next to you. 

You can check out their website here:



3. The Lawn

On warm Spring days, the lawn is a perfect place to work on accomplishing things. While you work, you can listen to our people strum a guitar or watch them toss a frisbee. Just grab a blanket and some friends and get to work! Like I said, fresh air is a great way to get fresh ideas. Just be aware of the few times a year the lawn is closed for restoration. 

Just look at how beautiful and inspiring it is! 

Also: this is a great place to take Instagram photos. What other college has grass that is this perfect???


4. Frothy Monkey

This is another great, quiet, and spacious place to work on homework and have some coffee. Frothy Monkey has many locations, but their 12s location is an easy walk from campus. The chill atmosphere will inspire you and the caffeine will allow you to work hard on your projects! And if you need a break from working you can grab a yummy pastry. There are lots of outlets so your electronics will not die as well! 

You can check out what they have on their website here:



5. Work Belcourt

Located on 21st Ave, Work Belcourt provides fully furnished executives suites, conference room access, ultra-fast internet service, free parking, utilities, shared kitchen and coffee bar, and a business class printer!Work Belcourt is located on the second floor above Hopdoddy and next to Double Dogs. To tour the space, you can call Brittany Sears at 615-490-6723.

Flexible monthly memberships starting at $275! 

Screenshot 2018-03-26 12.17.33.png

6. The Refinery

"Join our diverse community of entrepreneurs and innovators, where the coffee & tea are free, the WiFi is fast, and you can park your bike or car, hassle-free. With our productive environment, low-cost, and great networking, your business is guaranteed to grow." 

The Refinery has tons of resources to help your business grow, including and the memberships range from "drop-ins" at $99 a month all the way to full time working space for $400 a month. 

You can try out the Refinery co-working space for free here:

Bonus: The refinery also hosts classes that are put on by various organizations in the Nashville community! Learn something new AND work on your business here! 



7. We Work


"WeWork enables you to secure space with all the everyday amenities that spell success—dedicated Community Managers, spacious conference rooms, and impressive private offices—along with modern perks like month-to-month flexibility, passionate Community Managers, and special events. WeWork's locations in Nashville are music to your ears, taking your business to new heights." 

You can check out more about We Work at


8. Fort Houston

Last but certainly not least on our list of great co-working space was created by one of Belmont's Alumni! 

"Facilitators of Human Potential.

Fort Houston is a place for you to facilitate, grow, learn and work. We occupy 10,000 square feet in the Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood of Nashville, TN, complete with a full-scale wood shop, print shop, metal shop, 3D printers, darkroom, and miscellaneous work and desk space. Here’s how it works: You pay a monthly membership fee, and you get to make things in here. Oh, and taking a class or two can be fun, too, but you don’t have to be a member to do that!

A basic membership includes access to all of our facilities and 20% off services and classes. A premium or team membership allows access to all shops and facilities plus your own personal or team desk. Click here for more membership details!" 


See what you can create today using these amazing co-working spaces in and around the Belmont and Nashville community.

As always, stay up to date with all of the Center for Entrepreneurship's events on our website

Best of luck with all of your business endeavors!  





Great Podcasts to Listen to as an Entrepreneur!

Belmont ETP

Podcasts are so underrated, but they shouldn't be! They make it super quick and simple to learn something new!

You can listen to podcasts whenever: Your morning commute, while your doing laundry, or just walking to class! We should always be learning and absorbing new and useful information. 

I usually listen to Podcasts on my commutes to and from Belmont. It wakes me up in the morning, and puts me in a motivated spirit so I can accomplish things for that day or even set and pursue longterm goals!

Here are a few of my favorite podcasts so far (did I mention they are free?):

For the Marketing Person: 

Screenshot 2018-01-17 13.24.50.png

The Influencer Podcast: Instagram Growth & Effective Social Media Marketing with Jennifer Puno


For the Indie Musician: 

Screenshot 2018-01-17 13.20.29.png

DIY Musician Podcast: The Indie Musician's Place in 2018

For the person with goals:

Screenshot 2018-01-17 13.22.48.png

Earn Your Happy Podcast: How To MAKE MORE TIME and ENERGY for Your Goals (19 minutes) 

For the Money-Saver:

Screenshot 2018-01-17 13.29.04.png

Journey to Launch Podcast: The Millennial Pay to Financial Independence with Gwen & J From the Fire Drill Podcast (43 minutes)

There are so many more great podcasts to listen to as well! Comment your favorites below!