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Accelerator Student Spotlight: Ian Rodriguez


Accelerator Student Spotlight: Ian Rodriguez

Belmont ETP

We are highlighting our student entrepreneurs who are members of the Accelerator program. The Accelerator is for any Belmont undergraduate student who is launching or running a business. This program is for students who are dedicated to learning and growing a business. Membership includes dedicated office space, consistent time with our Entrepreneur in Residence Shawn Glinter, and resources and opportunities to take your business to the next level!

Ian Rodriguez is a Senior Audio Engineering Technology major from Columbus, Georgia. He is a co-founder and COO of Innovo Music Management.

What does your business do?

We are a multi-faceted music management and booking company.

How long have you been working on this business?

About 2 years now.

Did you always know you wanted to start a business? If not, when did you realize it?

Definitely not, it kind of just happened and turns out we are good at it!

Where do you hope your business will be at the end of the year in The Accelerator?

Hopefully, we can establish roots as a professional business to the entire city of Nashville and work with artists beyond the boundaries of Tennessee.

Favorite class ever?

Sound Design for Picture

Did you have any crazy business ideas as a kid?

Not really. The whole business side of me came out when I transferred to Belmont University. Never thought I would be good at it.

Who is your biggest inspiration in business?

Biggest inspiration is Elon Musk from Tesla and SpaceX.

What business or product do you wish had been your idea?


Advice for other student entrepreneurs?

My advice is have an experienced mentor. Someone who can steer you in the right direction can help accelerate the growth of your business and keep you from making big mistakes.

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